Monthly Archives: November 2016

50 Rules of Successful People

The most interesting rules of success taken from various interviews that highly successful people have given over many years. I watched almost all of the videos from Evan Carmichael’s YouTube channel as of March 2016 and took the ones I found the most interesting ones. Enjoy: Efficacy > Efficiency. Pick the right thing to do from the […]

How to Create an Effective Learning Environment

A clean effective study environment with a computer pencils and mobilhe phone

You came here to learn faster. Well, the place where you learn, the learning environment, believe it or not, plays a crucial role in your performance. In this case we ought to maximize the things that help it, and minimize the things that don’t. Simple cliche, but it’s perfectly applicable. Now there isn’t a recipe […]

How to Change a Habit

how to change a habit flowchart

How to Change a Habit: Cheat Sheet find The Trigger This is about acknowledging what is the event that sparks the automatic cascade of reactions for that specific habit. The triggers can be activities, feelings, company, time of day or places. It basically means thinking backward to what were you doing, feeling, … when you first felt the craving […]