If you’re here it’s because, like me, you’re excited about the future, and would love for it to come faster. As individuals we have the power, like a stone that is cast across the water, to create ripples.

This, I hope, is part of my ripple. Maybe I’ll help you create yours.

Choose what you want to do first:

Increase your Output

Expand your Mind

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Here’s a few software/apps/add-ons I personally find very useful and allow me to increase my productivity:

Name Description
Potplayer and MPC-HC Potplayer looks like Gomplayer, but even better and is without the bloatware Gomplayer now has, MPH-HC is the other alternative if for some reason Potplayer fails
Sumatra PDF reader Very fast and portable pdf reader
PDF X-Change Pdf reader and editor — add notes, arrows, images, and even edit text in pdfs
Greenshot Awesome screenshot taker
RIOT (Radical Image Optimization Tool) very easy to use and effective to reduce image size
Honeyview or Nomacs Two equally great image viewers, imo, prettier than IrfanView and with all the necessary basic functionalities
OpenBroadcaster software Whether you want to stream games, record your monitor, or even save clips from youtube, it’s the best.
Real Temp & Open Hardware Monitor I like to maintain my laptop cool to increase longevity, RealTemp let’s you set alarms for temps. OHM let’s you see a fancy graph of temps over time
Optimization & Protection
Name Description
AntiMalware bytes Anti spyware, …
Keepass Awesome password manager
Adw cleaner Anti spyware
CCleaner To clean crap from the computerr
Revo Uninstaller To make sure everything is removed after unninstalling programs
WinDirStat and SpaceSniffer Both great ways to see what is occupying disk space in your computer. SpaceSniffer is more visual, WinDirStrat is for when you want to get your hands dirty and go about deleting those things that are occupying too much space
Process Explorer To identify and terminate pesky processes running in your computer.
Name Description
f.lux Adjust screen color according to day hour
7-zip Zip/unzip everything
Everything Search Instant search on windows
Todoist Imo currently the best to-do app.
Launchy You press a keyword combo (I have alt + space) and a thing opens up that let’s you type the initial letters of something on your computer that you want to open, kind of like Linux. Great to increase productivity
IconRestorer When you use a laptop connected to a bigger monitor and want to save the icons’ placements on each resolution
OpenBroadcaster software Whether you want to stream games, record your monitor, or even save clips from youtube, it’s the best.
Name Description
Momentum An extension that adds a beautiful background to new tabs + an awesome thoughtful quote + a single bullet list to type what we’re focusing on getting done right now
Tabs Outliner An extension that gives the ability to organize tabs into topics, add notes, and much more. Takes a bit to learn it, but it’s incredibly useful for those that have a lot of tabs opened
SimpleDesktops.com Just a website that has productivity enhancing wallpapers (pretty & simple)

Who Are You?

André D. Ferreira
Entrepreneur, Mechanical Engineer

Finished MSc. in Mechanical Engineering in 2015 with distinction in the best engineering faculty of Portugal, while helping hundreds of colleagues improve their learning and grades. I have been working in Product Development since then and on this side project. See my LinkedIn Profile for more.