China’s Sexual Revolution

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China’s Sexual Revolution – Documentary Notes

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1950’s – No Sexuality Allowed

In the 1950’s Mao Tse-tung imposed a culture where women and men were truly equals. He wanted them to be like siblings. Sexuality was to be eliminated at all costs. Men and women dressed the same. Women had uninteresting short haircuts (like men’s). The communist party chose who married who, so millions of Chinese ended up in sexless loveless marriages. Sex was supposed to be nothing but work to reproduce. Not for fun or for pleasure. Curiously, Mao is said to have had an unusually active sex life, with lots of virgin girls.

With New Times, Changes Arrive

But since the ~90’s, under another ruler, the new generations have been able to express the looks their parents were denied, as well as affection in public. Now, women like to wear pretty underwear at home to be sexy. Chinas’s 1st sex shop opened in ~1995 (before that it was forbidden) but now, only in Beijing, there are ~5000. In fact Beijing has a higher sex shop density than any European city.

Basically China is very very rapidly becoming westernized in terms of sex culture. Teenage girls talk about what excites them in men, they are starting sexual life earlier, they don’t care about what their parents think. Having sex before marriage is now accepted, whereas it used to be forbidden.

One thing I noticed is that in the documentary, the focus is on women. On women’s sexual liberation. Less focus is put on men’s.

One Child Policy, Women’s Liberation and Sex Ratio

The one child policy to control China’s population had the effect of liberating women to do other stuff: to have a career and be successful, thus also increasing women’s power which became more leveled with that of men’s. However it brought the problem that now China has the most unbalanced gender ratio of any country because Chinese preferred male children, so they aborted when they were to have a girl. This specially affects poor men by leaving them both economically, sexually and emotionally frustrated. There are now more 30 million men than women. One of the sad results is the proliferation of prostitution and of other night sex services such as striptease and massage parlors. Many countryside girls go to work for them and end up in a bad world.

The Cultural Revolution

This sexual revolution has been accompanied by a cultural revolution. The elder are opposed to both. Part of this is because they fear there won’t be no one to take care of them, since family values are now losing so much importance. The currently middle-aged parents, tend to actually feel victims of the puritanism epoch of their own parents, and don’t want their children to have to go through the same, so they actually give their children much more freedom that what they experienced a few years ago.

Link to the documentary: China’s Sexual Revolution

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