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The Millionaire Fastlane Summary

book cover of the millionaire fastlane by mj demarco

Normal is to slave at a job Monday through Friday, save 10%, and repeat for 40 years. Will you even live 40 years? Even if you live, are you supposed to enjoy life right when it’s ending? You’re conditioned to accept normal based on society’s already corrupted definition of wealth, and because of it, normal itself is corrupted. Normal is modern-day slavery. Normal is condemnation to mediocrity.

The Lean Startup

Book cover of The lean startup by eric ries

Many management ideas come from manufacturing. This book’s ideas result partly from the lean thinking used by Toyota in manufacturing. So, this is lean thinking applied to startup processes. We can define a startup as an institution designed to create an offer under conditions of extreme uncertainty. The goal of a startup is to figure out the right thing to build as quickly as possible.