How many times have you read something to improve your life, applied it for a while then forgot about it? There are just too many things to remember, and most likely many things going on in your life.

Compressing information is a technique to improve learning where a lot of information is compressed, condensed and simplified, so that it becomes possible to understand the subject. Add plenty of images to that, in order to further increase memory retention, and you got yourself a learning-effective cheat sheet.

The point of this section is to have life-applicable cheat sheets, or just “Life Cheat Sheets”. Occasionally I will post work in progress, that will later on be combined into CS. Some CS have a higher quality printable version purchasable in the shop.

As you can see my drawing skills are nothing to brag about. In the future I will either improve them or work with someone that is good at drawing sketchnotes/infographics. If you happen to know someone like that, feel free to tell him about this website.

If you have any suggestions, criticisms or ideas, do share them, either through comments or by sending me an email so that I can bring more interesting ideas to life.

Either way, here’s what I have so far, enjoy!

Cheat Sheets